Monday, April 9, 2012


I need to consider a website since the point of a blog is an active writing engagement, and as you may have noticed, I am not active.  But until then, here are a few updates since my last post:

The Sphere is not coming along nearly as quickly as The Magi did, but then again, I'm not sure anything by me will ever be written that quickly.  The good news is that it is coming along, just slowly.

I'm probably about a quarter of the way finished with where I believe the story to be at this point.  I'm a little unique in that I write from beginning to end instead of writing a scene here and a scene there and piecing it together, so sometimes the story expands or shrinks as I write.  I still hope to have it completed by late summer.

The other reason The Sphere is taking a bit longer is that I've put a little bit of time into another story (much shorter and less time-consuming).  I wanted to take a little time to write something completely different than The Magi in order to explore different voices.  It's different in almost every area except that it's also written for young adults.  It's a contemporary story written in the first person, which I find is much easier to write than the third.  I have no time frame on completion, and I've found that it's actually making me miss writing The Magi Series more than I thought, so it may never get finished.

The Magi has actually been doing much better at this point than I anticipated.  It is still in the top 20 on Amazon's Top Rated for Action Adventure, peaking at one point at #4.  I haven't been pushing for more reviews since I've been a tad busy, but it's still been doing quite well.  In fact, sales have been more steady than I would have thought six months after I released The Magi, especially for a self-published title.

The agent hunt so far has been unsuccessful, but I have to admit, I haven't exactly been putting all my efforts into it.  I still am hoping for the traditional publishing route, so at some point I will need to restart the hunt, but for now, I'm just enjoying writing.

I hope that's enough to update you all on my status.  Until next time...

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