The Magi Blitz is a week-long push to promote and gain buzz for The Magi, a YA fantasy/adventure novel.  During the week of November 14, join others in purchasing, reviewing, and sharing The Magi with as many people as you can.

The idea of the blitz is simple:  exposure. 

The goal of any publicity release is to get as much exposure from as many people in a given time.  Think of it like a snowball rolling down a hill.  The bigger the momentum in the beginning, the more traction it will have on its way down.  If The Magi can get a lot of sales/reviews/buzz during this week, it is more likely that the average person will take note (best seller lists, top 10 lists, ratings, etc.) and then those people will be interested.  The blitz is not the final goal, it's just pushing the snowball off the hill.  Hopefully, it will be big.

What are the ways to help gain traction?

You may think that your small click or review or purchase won't do much.  However, each sale, each review, each comment, each click will give The Magi just a little bit more exposure.  Click here to read my post on where I covet your clicks.

Thank you all for your help during this week!  I ask that you do what you feel you can do to help.  I hope that you read and enjoy The Magi. 

If you have any further questions, please let me know.  You can contact me here