Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The First Ever Magi Archive

The first ever recorded Magi archive is from a woman named Roshena.  Roshena’s writings come up a few more times in the later part of the 9th century B.C., and she is mentioned briefly in the Chronicles of Gormandel, which is where the Magi get the majority of their history.  I have obtained several excerpts from the Chronicles of Gormandel, which I will release later.  However, this is the first ever recorded archive period.
While her account is brief, it is rich with information.  The Magi believe that this was part of a larger scroll, which has not yet been discovered.  They believe that Roshena was writing something like a diary or journal for her family history.  As you will read, this spells out some of the first discoveries of elemental control:
(Translated into English)
            "It happened again today.  A few citizens from the Academy
                have spent days out in the natural world all alone and have
                come back saying that they think they have connected with
                the world around them.  I had been trying for weeks and
               haven’t been able to do what they claim they can do.  However,
                just like last week, I think I was able to change the wind patterns
               around me.  I haven’t said anything to anyone yet, but I think it
               has something to do with my mood.  Both times I was able to
                control the winds when I felt impulsive.  I’m not sure what this
               means, or if it means anything at all.  Tomorrow, when the
              Peacekeepers go out to search for truths, I will try
                   -Roshena (830 BC)

Again, since Roshena talks about another instance where she was able to control the wind, “just like last week, I think I was able to change the wind patterns”, there is reason to believe there is still an uncovered document. 

According to the Chronicles of Gormendel, the Peacekeepers were the group of people who looked for good in the world despite the chaos around them.  They would later call themselves the Magi. 


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