Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stats for The Magi

While these stats are very modest, I am a goal-oriented person, so I like knowing where things stand so I know if there's improvement.  It will be fun to check back next week to see how things go.  Here are some interesting trends lately regarding The Magi:

1.  Amazon - Go to Amazon and type in The Magi, and my book comes up as the second choice.  Last week it wasn't even on the first two pages.

2.  Amazon - While this will hopefully increase steadily as I'm actually telling all of you to NOT buy my book now and wait until the 14, The Magi is ranked #49,525 in all Kindle books sold.  Now there's an uphill climb!  I'll update you all on those stats next week.

3.  Google - I'm not sure how much of Google's search pages have to do with some sort of algorithm from each individual computer, but from multiple computers, typing in The Magi will allude to the book two different places (both reviews) on the first page.  Type in The Magi series, and the whole page is filled with allusions.  It's starting to pop up thanks to all of your help! 

Looking for those stats to improve next week.  Thank you all and I hope to see you around the blog next week too.


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  1. Kevin, you may also want to try Stat Counter. I used it in the past and liked it better than Google analytics. The latter may have improved but the former was more user friendly and "real-time" whereas you had to wait for updates in the latter to occur overnight.