Thursday, September 15, 2011

Archive: Maliphist's Youth (1050 AD)

This document was discovered earlier this century by Arthur Waterhouse, a Magi historian now living in Savenridge.  As all the Magi are aware, the tyranny of Maliphist, the man, which is estimated to be in the middle of the 12th century, was the darkest point in Magi history.  His oppression led to the Magi Wars, which killed off almost all of the Magi.  It resulted in the separation of the Magi from the common people and the division in the Magi that still exists today.  However, what was not known until this document was discovered, were the signs at such an early age that Maliphist had tendencies towards evil. 
The Magi always wondered what their world would have been like if Maliphist had been stopped at an early age.  It was the general belief that he changed all of a sudden from good to evil in his early adult years.  However, as you will read, this dictation from Maliphist’s mentor shows that he may have had these tendencies early on.

Here is a brief letter from his mentor, named Simeon, to the trustees of the local Magi council:

            “I am writing to inform you of some concerns I have about a young boy named Maliphist.  To this day, I have never seen a youth that can do what he can do.  He has the world at his fingertips.  The other day, he summoned a large column of fire and was able to control it like an extension of his arm.  It was incredible!  Most children his age aren’t even close to training, but he uses the elements like he was an elder.  However, I am concerned with his mind.  He informed me the other day that he wished for me to leave him alone and let him work with the elements on his own.  What makes me the most nervous is that when I’m around him, I want to give in and let him.  Please advise on further action.”
                                                                       -Simeon (about 1050 AD)

If there was a return letter, I have not yet uncovered it.  I will do what I can to locate it to see what was done with Simeon’s concern.

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