Friday, September 16, 2011

Blog Legend

You may be wondering what the icons at the top of each entry mean.  Or, you may have not been wondering that and have just now noticed them.  Or, you may have noticed them but could care less.  Either way, get ready to know anyway! 
The newspaper is just that.  It's an announcement of sorts.  For reviews of The Magi, information I would like to share with you, or anything else relating to the well-being of the book, the blog, or me in general, this icon will appear.

The stack of books relates specifically to THE MAGI.  If this icon appears, it means that the entry is either a passage from the novel or relates to the novel in some way.

The cabinet is for Savenridge Archives.  Since the majority of the blog is dedicated to uncovering the truth about the Magi and looking through archives to find out their story, this will appear on many blog entries.  Once a new archive is published, the latest one will be linked on the page "Magi Archives" at the top.

The trophy will indicate a contest.  I may have to wait for my ego to return from the last contest before I post another contest since only one person commented (by the way, Carlos, now get a free copy of THE MAGI).  But when it does come up, this icon will show up.
I am an author and a teacher.  Therefore, I love to hear myself talk and express my thoughts.  While this will be a rarity on the site, I will put this icon up to warn everyone that a sermon is about to follow, so if you're not into hearing opinions, you can click away as soon as possible.  (I need to find an audio link of Ben Stine saying "Bueller....Bueller....Bueller."  It's a bummer that my target audience has no idea what that means!)

Upcoming Posts for Next Week:

-The oldest archive known to the Magi
-Chapter 4
-An archive from the Chronicles of Gormandel

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